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One of the thriving metropolises of Guangzhou is about an hour's train ride from Hong Kong. If you are familiar with ktv, you can rent a private room here and sing songs in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and whatever you want.

GSYO's rehearsal and training programmes take place in multi-venue facilities, which are among the most advanced in China. The orchestra regularly commissions new works by some of China's most important composers and presents a wide range of classical and contemporary music as well as classical music from the world's leading orchestras.

The 13-day festival featured 17 outstanding Asian musicians, including Yo-Yo Ma and Lang Lang. GSO also made its Taiwan debut at the Taiwan International Music Festival in Taipei, Taiwan, in October 2014. The orchestra performed for the first time as a member of the Taiwan Symphony Orchestra in May 2015 and 2016.

Interestingly, Dibaocha was first seen travelling to Beijing in October 1985 as a member of the GSYO. Also in 1985, the pianist Charles Reiner was accepted as a lecturer at Shanghai Cons for five weeks, and in 1987 Victor Feldbrill was invited to give a conducting course at the Chinese Academy of Music in Shanghai, the second largest city in China. A joint concert took place in Hong Kong, which G SYO visited the following month on a tour.

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Chinese people in Guangzhou, but not only that, there is everything that concerns their daily life, such as food, clothes, clothes, shoes and everything in between.

Indeed, it has become common for both Chinese and Canadian youth to learn Western musical instruments, and many have achieved high levels of skill. GSYO performed "Secret Wind Birds of China," composed by Tan Dun for the premiere in 2015. Chinese performers of Western music who have performed repeatedly in Canada, including Dibaocha and his band, the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra (G SYO). Chinese media contacted him shortly after, he wrote a few journalistic articles, sought advice from some Western media, and produced a series of videos about his work in China, as well as a series of interviews with him.

I knew nothing about China, but I thought that if I worked hard, this country could be the place I was looking for. I made a few contacts, but most of them in cities like Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai. It took me as long to get to Guangzhou, where the Playshop took place, as I did to fly from Guangdong to Wuxi and from there to Hong Kong. Guangzhen is in the very south of China and is close to Hong Kong, so it was no surprise that Channon, a man from Hongong, appeared on the programme.

When we last spoke, he told me that he had written a song and was looking for a place for himself and his family in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province. He claims that artistic activities in China are an opportunity to open the door to Africans from outside China.

Like many other musicians in Guangzhou, Manivoo sees China as a platform from which to structure an imagined future. The pursuit of the goals of Africans outside Guang Zhou must be seen in the context of intersecting mobility that crosses the region of southern China.

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